God or No God. Only This Matters

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Out of respect to the suffering on both sides of the Gaza war, I will not discuss or debate a subject I do not fully grasp.

It’s disrespectful to reduce an infinitely complex long-standing conflict to an emotional opinion or tribal divide. I’m not taking a side. My POV means nothing until I understand everything.

Although I’ve read enough to know that while territorial conflict is seminal to the war, Hamas wants to eliminate all Jews.

Jews don’t want to eliminate all Muslims. Muslims don’t want to eliminate all Jews. We know this.

Radicalism destroys, not our religious differences.

Every bloody fight over one “true” religion has been futile. There has never been nor will there ever be, one “true” religion.

I may believe in “my” God but I can’t know.

Okay, I know the invisible is real. We’ve proven it with science (gravity, wind, atoms, molecules, the quantum).

But by definition to be a theist or an atheist is to “know” with certainty that God exists — or doesn’t exist.

I can’t prove either.

So I don’t criticize or judge either. Whether there is or isn’t a God does make me think. It hurts my head but only because I think it’s a cool question to ponder. Not…



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